Happy Puppy Parents
Rafael , Sold to Emily Splichal
Manhattan , New York
Robin , Sold to Courtney & Jeff
Monroe , Louisiana
Lucy , Sold to Linda Ellis
Rossville , Georgia
Layla, Sold to Kerry & Jenna Modawell
Glen Rose, Texas  
Tiny Maria , Sold to Jennifer Murray
Sioux City, IA
Kate , Sold To Liceth Bulla Rey
Raleigh , NC
Rozana , Sold To Oksana Myers
Monroe , Louisiana
Charlie , Sold To Randy & jami Martin
Dry Prong , Louisiana
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" Poodles"
Spike, { Junior }Sold To
Melissa & Gustavo Armellino
Woodland Park NJ.
Jagger , Sold To Kristen Petersen
Dale , Texas
Faith ,{ Polly } Sold To Candace Daigle
Lafayette , La
Trumpet , Sold To Kym Loyd
Dallas , Texas
Teacup Tina , Sold to Melvin Cline
St Martinville , La
Adam ,
Puerto Rico
Lily ,
Benjamin , { Ellington }
New York
Noah ,
Marksville , La
{ Jack } Nixon and his new family
{ Andy } At his new home in
Bethesda , MD
{ Cooper } Shelley Roland
Denham Springs , La
{ Rocky } Victoria & Tommie Hutto   
North Pole , AK
{ Duke } Arlando & Verrisia
Elvis went to live with my Daugther & Son-In-Law
Sam & Charles in Texas
Vickie's Little Danali &
{ Grand Child }
Tiffany went To live with Brad in
Grayson ,La
Roxie went To live with my
Daugther Hannah in
Columbia , La
Jimmy went To live with my
Daugther Veronica
Grayson , La
Suki went To live with Mekesia
Las Vegas
Kuba  & Mia  went To live with Yaimara
Las Vegas
Juliet went to live with Alayah
Snowfiake went to live with
the Avery family in
Hermiston, OR
Miss Peaches went to live with
Ellen Ruttan in Pendleton , OR
Miss Peaches & Snowflake
Chanel went to live with Malaika
In Alexandria La.
Johnny went to live with the Shipp
Family in Columbia, LA
Carter { Chewy } Went to live with the
Kitchingham Family
Clark went to live with the Pattum
Family in Lafayette
Cody went to live with  Nauscha
Wiser and Family
Lizzie went to live with Jessy and
Family in Mississippi
Millie went to live with her new Family
on Caddo Lake
Maggie went to live with Tommy
Richieeimer  in Westerville,OH.
Linda Lu went to live with Karynn wilson and Family
Matthew { Beaux } went to live with Rita
in River Ridge , Louisiana
Romeo { Parker ] went to live with
Kris Starkey  
Lizzy & Boss went to live with Julie
Zahn in Katy Texas
Daisy went to live with Joshua
and Family
Harley { Dixie } went to live with Erin
and Family in Homer , La
Baby Bear { Nea } went to live with
Kim & Randy in Many , La
Lori went to live with Tina
Linsey { Kellz } went to live with Gladys
Lucy  went to live with Paula
Anna & Amber  went to live with Louis & Vivian
Abby went to live with
Dana and family
Roosevelt went to live with
Tamara and family
Mya and Roosevelt