Welcome to LuLu's Kennel!!

My name is Lucille Garrett.  
I live in the small town of
Grayson, Louisiana.
I began my journey as a dog
kennel owner in 2008.
I've never really pictured my
home with a dog in it, but now
i can't imagine my home
without one!
A dog is the only thing on
Earth that can love you more
than you love yourself.
Home for most people is
where the heart is, but for me
it's where my dogs are.
Feel free to email or call me
with any questions about my
Let me help make your life
whole with a new member of
the family!  

Cell: 318-267-8683
1018 Hwy 850
Grayson La 71435
Welcome To Lucilles Pups
My puppies are raised in our home where they get lots of
love and attention. They are special little lap dogs that
have sweet personalities.
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Buffy my love
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Lucille Garrett
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